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Food and Drink Post: Olive Me

I don’t really like olives all that much. But I adore the idea of olives. And olive groves. And the Mediterranean. The stories by Peter Mayle and Carol Drinkwater. The presence of olive trees, olive oil, olive wood, and of course “olive branches” in our mythological, literary and cultural traditions. And the history of an ancient industry that has… Continue reading Food and Drink Post: Olive Me

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Suwanee’s Cooking School, Chiang Rai, Thailand: Revisited

It's been exactly four years since a day I remember with great affection, the day on which my friend and I attended a full-day cooking school in Chiang Rai, Thailand and--with a lot of effort, hard work, and a great sense of fun--made some of the loveliest and most delicious food I've ever eaten.  A… Continue reading Suwanee’s Cooking School, Chiang Rai, Thailand: Revisited

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“One a penny, two a penny…Hot Cross Buns!”

For this Good Friday, a post from days of yore.  The buns are in the oven as we speak.  I'm trying a different recipe, one from Mary Berry, this year. I'll report back! Hot Cross Buns! A Good Friday tradition I don’t always adhere to but which, for many reasons, this year I thought I… Continue reading “One a penny, two a penny…Hot Cross Buns!”

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Quiche Me Once, and Quiche Me Twice…. I've always liked quiche as the focal point of a meal, and ever since I acquired, through various nefarious means, a small flock of chickens, and--even in the winter--a seemingly endless supply of eggs, it's become an even more useful staple of my culinary art. My basic recipe starts with something called the Keto… Continue reading Quiche Me Once, and Quiche Me Twice….

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Rice Bowl? Delicious Stuff!

At least, that's what I've always thought, having made, over the years, many of these delicious recipes: Easy Rice Bowl Mango Avocado Rice Bowl Chicken Rice Bowl Citrus Shrimp Rice Bowl Pork Meatball Rice Bowl Not to mention many of the Southeast Asian Rice Bowl standards such as (Indonesian) Nasi Goreng or (Thai) Khai Jiao.… Continue reading Rice Bowl? Delicious Stuff!

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Som Tun! ส้มตำไทย

Green Papaya Salad.  OMG, it's delicious. I've written before about my affinity for this lovely dish, something I first discovered in Chiang Rai, Thailand, in a tiny, hole-in-the-wall establishment run by aged crones: I've been searching it out ever since, on this side of the pond, with varying degrees of success.  So far, Maenam Thai… Continue reading Som Tun! ส้มตำไทย

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Beloved stepdaughter is leaving shortly for the trek south-and-west to Chateau Right, where she should arrive mid-afternoon.  It's just the two of us (so far) today, but you never know.  Angels have a habit of showing up unexpectedly here, and we never turn them away: QOTD: Entertaining Angels Entertaining Angles: Four-legged one's mostly Entertaining Angels:… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

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Honorably Discharged . . . My Bialetti Coffeemakers

...for having met the required standards of duty, performance, and personal conduct over the course of the last four-and-a-half years--ever since they were surprisingly gifted to me--and, simultaneously (and at the same time) to at least one other--by a former friend.  While their terms of service and tours of duty may have been interrupted (certainly… Continue reading Honorably Discharged . . . My Bialetti Coffeemakers

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What’s the Most Useful Tool in Your Kitchen?

TBH, I've written on a similar topic before in my post The Right Tool for the Job.  But today I'm asking a slightly different question: What is the one single-purpose tool in your kitchen for which you are most grateful (pun intended) when you have to accomplish a job which, without said tool, would be… Continue reading What’s the Most Useful Tool in Your Kitchen?