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“Seeing God in a Cat”

One of the most delightful parts of my weekend is opening my email (yes, really, I know how sad that sounds) on Sunday sometime and discovering Douglas Murray’s latest “Things Worth Remembering” installment for The Free Press.  I’m a basic (paid) subscriber to the site, so I get all the links and can read the… Continue reading “Seeing God in a Cat”

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What Else Happened on September 20?

Well. In addition to the birth of the "One-Woman Positivity Machine" which I've previously mentioned, your humble correspondent was born 69 years ago today. But, enough about me.  What do you think about me? LOL.  Someone actually said that to me (not sarcastically or ironically), once. In other news: Virgil, the Roman poet best known… Continue reading What Else Happened on September 20?

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Happy Birthday, Dr. Johnson!

I don't know if I'd want to adjudicate a competition for "most quoted man in English literature" between William Shakespeare and Samuel Johnson, but I thought I'd celebrate the 314th anniversary of the great man's birth with a few of his bon-mots.  (Or should that be bons-mot?  There is a rule about such things, but… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Dr. Johnson!

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Memories of Mount Washington, New Hampshire

I see that today--August 29, 2023--is the 154th anniversary of the opening of the  Mount Washington Cog Railway.  (That means that my great-grandmother, who was also born in August of 1869, would have been 154 years old the day before yesterday.) The railway, in New Hampshire's White Mountains, was the first mountain-climbing rack railway in… Continue reading Memories of Mount Washington, New Hampshire

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William Blake: When Friends Fall Out

I was angry with my friend; I told my wrath, my wrath did end. What is the best way to handle disagreements? Between friends? Between foes? William Blake, eccentric and brilliant man, early Romantic Poet, Biblical scholar, anti-establishmentarian, advocate for the Free Love movement (who once asked his devoted wife Catherine if it would be alright… Continue reading William Blake: When Friends Fall Out

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Shove Over, POTUS! I Get the Window Seat!

Honestly, sometimes these posts just write themselves. There's a report today (I think it originated in the Daily Mail) that Harry and Meghan were swiftly sent packing (see what I did there) when they suggested they should accompany Joe and Jill Biden back to the United States on--you guessed it--Air Force One, after the late… Continue reading Shove Over, POTUS! I Get the Window Seat!

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Music To Bury My Mother By–Redux, 2023 Edition

June 24, 2023 would have been my mother’s 95th birthday. She died in September 2014, at the age of 86 after a long struggle with the effects of fronto-temporal dementia. Her death was, in the eyes of her children and others who loved her, a release and a blessing. And for her, peace at last.… Continue reading Music To Bury My Mother By–Redux, 2023 Edition

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A Time To Talk–World Poetry Day, March 21, 2023

When a friend calls to me from the road And slows his horse to a meaning walk, I don’t stand still and look around On all the hills I haven’t hoed, And shout from where I am, What is it? No, not as there is a time to talk. I thrust my hoe in the… Continue reading A Time To Talk–World Poetry Day, March 21, 2023

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Twelve Little Words–2022

I've written, every now and then, about my New Year's practice of trying to sum up the year that's passed in just twelve words, one for each month.  I'm not much of a diarist, other than in the ways I write my life here and on Ricochet, and as a rule I try not to… Continue reading Twelve Little Words–2022