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Family Matters: On Life’s Vicissitudes

Into each life, some rain must fall. But not into ours. Our lives are where the garbage is delivered. — Jenny Ever have one of those days, weeks, months, years, decades, when it seems as though almost nothing is going right? When the odds seem stacked against you? When, no matter how much joy the… Continue reading Family Matters: On Life’s Vicissitudes

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Responsible Men, and the Women Who Love Them

I've been thinking. Yes, I know that's always a frightening proposition.  What can I say? Well, only that I'm 65 and still standing on my own two feet; that I'm content with how my life turned out (no, that doesn't mean, with the benefit of hindsight, that if I had a do-over about certain things… Continue reading Responsible Men, and the Women Who Love Them

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Occasional Quote of the Day: A Poison Tree

I was angry with my friend; I told my wrath, my wrath did end. What is the best way to handle disagreements? Between friends? Between foes? William Blake, eccentric and brilliant man, early Romantic Poet, Biblical scholar, anti-establishmentarian, advocate for the Free Love movement (who once asked his devoted wife Catherine if it would be alright… Continue reading Occasional Quote of the Day: A Poison Tree

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Free Knitting Pattern! Super-Easy Lace Scarf

Newsflash, all!  Knitting isn't rocket science.  It's OK to try things you've not tried before (in the knitting world, no-one will die if your brilliant idea is a dud), and it's OK to make mistakes.  We've all been there, trust me.  Me, perhaps, more than most, in life, if not in kntting. I love to… Continue reading Free Knitting Pattern! Super-Easy Lace Scarf

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A Jolly Challah-Day!

“Oh, it’s a jolly challah-day with Susan, Susan makes your ‘eart so light!” OMG. Apologies for the appalling pun, to you, to my friend Susan, to Mister Susan, to the brothers Sherman who wrote the music and lyrics for Mary Poppins, and above all, to everyone who reads this, wherever you are, for inflicting upon… Continue reading A Jolly Challah-Day!

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Ave Atque Vale, Thou Bleak Midwinter of My Discontent!

As most of you know, I’m British. And as such, I generally try to keep a pretty stiff upper lip about things. Not to whine unduly. And when I do whine, I try to whine at the person or people who are at the root of my dissatisfaction or unhappiness, or in the case of… Continue reading Ave Atque Vale, Thou Bleak Midwinter of My Discontent!

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Memories of 2019

I’ve gone through a little exercise, the past several New Year’s Eves, to try to sum up the year that’s passing in twelve words, one for each month. Herewith, my roundup for 2019: Softness, Family, Broken, Celebration, Construction, Sickness, Renovation, Compromise, Stabilization, Justice, Insurance, Acceptance. In no particular order: Item: Two dear friends with life-threatening illnesses, both… Continue reading Memories of 2019

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Friday Food and Drink Post: Buy Local

This afternoon, I spent a delightful few hours at lunch in Washington PA with a friend from Ricochet and his wife. I enjoy promoting our local Southwest PA products, and sending them all over the country, and even the world, whenever I have the opportunity, and today I brought one of my favorites to give… Continue reading Friday Food and Drink Post: Buy Local