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The Lockdown Files

“The Lockdown Files” is the name of a series of investigative reports in the Daily Telegraph, reports which are currently rocking the United Kingdom, having to do with the government’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic.  Keep in mind that the governmental structure in the UK is much flatter than it is in the US, that there… Continue reading The Lockdown Files

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In Memory, Thomas Herbert Mapson

Thomas Herbert Mapson was my Auntie Betty’s father.  (Strictly speaking, she wasn’t my auntie–being my great-grandmother’s niece–and her given name wasn’t Betty–they were Jenny Alice May–but “close enough for gubmint work,” as they say. He was born and baptized in Bilston, Staffordshire in the UK, on July 4, 1878.  Given what I’ve found out about my… Continue reading In Memory, Thomas Herbert Mapson

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Sigh: Encyclopedia Britannica Succumbs to New Math in the Service of–What, Exactly?

So.  In an outburst of enthusiasm, I thought I'd write a new post today, and--as I often do--I began a search through Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica, and a couple of other sites where I regularly look up "On This Day..." information as a prelude and springboard to discovering something new and interesting. Today, though, I got… Continue reading Sigh: Encyclopedia Britannica Succumbs to New Math in the Service of–What, Exactly?

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Winning the War; Losing the Peace

Just listened to this week's Steyn Audio Show, a weekly feature of his site in which Mark entertains questions and thoughts from members of the Mark Steyn Club.  (Anyone can listen; only club members can submit topics for conversation.)  As usual, it's a fascinating romp through a smart and witty man's mind, together with the… Continue reading Winning the War; Losing the Peace

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This morning on Ricochet, I responded to a comment by another member about the elevation of religious identity above all others in many third-world conflicts with the following words: The strategy of elevating religion over ethnicity as a means to consolidate loyalties (both internally and externally) that might otherwise divide among tribal or other cultural… Continue reading Tribes