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Naomi Wolf’s Dishonest Perspective on the Recent Coronation

Crimenutely. Naomi Wolf.  King Charles. She’s entering the seventh decade of her life and, thirty-plus years ago, was the darling of the feminist movement, being praised fulsomely by folks like Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan alike for her brilliant ideas. However, Camille Paglia never bought it.  Something that intelligent women should have paid attention to,… Continue reading Naomi Wolf’s Dishonest Perspective on the Recent Coronation

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A Point of (Royal) Order

Crimenutely.  I can't quite believe the flap that's taking place in my native Britain this week over the King's Coronation invitation. First, let me say that I think it's a lovely piece of artwork.  Sure, it's being criticized as looking like a page from a child's coloring book, but I think it's delightful.  Here's the… Continue reading A Point of (Royal) Order

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From a Butt of Malmsey to a Bowl of Wonderdog: Where is the Bard When We Need Him?

February 18, 2023 is the 545th anniversary of the death of George Plantaganet, Duke of Clarence.  He was the middle child in a trio of brothers, the older and younger of which actually both made it to the throne, as Edward IV and Richard III respectively. Shortly after his older brother Edward was crowned in… Continue reading From a Butt of Malmsey to a Bowl of Wonderdog: Where is the Bard When We Need Him?

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Queen for a Day Three-Quarters of a Century

Seventy-one years ago today, upon the death of her father, King George VI, Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary ascended to the throne of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and all her other Realms and Territories. She spent the next seventy years of her life cheerfully (to outward appearance) doing her duty and serving the people she… Continue reading Queen for a Day Three-Quarters of a Century

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Private Parts: The Memoirs of Captain Harry Wales

Crimenutely. Subsequent to the leak of an English-language copy to The Guardian, and the "accidental" release--a week before its scheduled date--onto Spanish bookshelves of Prince Harry's autobiography Spare (known in Spain as En La Sombra--In the Shadow), the revelations have fallen thick and fast: Prince William once shoved Harry into a dog bowl, causing Prince… Continue reading Private Parts: The Memoirs of Captain Harry Wales

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“Infinite Wrath, and Infinite Despair”

Well, peeps.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time investigating and watching much of the latest “Harry and Meghan” outpourings on Netflix, so you don’t have to.  (A Nigerian prince will be contacting you shortly and directing your gratitude-filled donations to me.  Please follow through. Trust me; I deserve them.) As many of you know,… Continue reading “Infinite Wrath, and Infinite Despair”

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In Praise of Afternoon Tea

So here I am, the day before my Queen's funeral, trying to figure out what to do to celebrate her life and my own Britishness (not a bit of the overabundance of which takes away a whit of my love for my adopted country, I assure you). Some of my family in the UK will… Continue reading In Praise of Afternoon Tea

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“Don’t Get Stuck On Stupid”

Today's quote comes from retired US Army General Russel L. Honoré who responded to a question by a reporter from what Rush Limbaugh used to call the "state-run media," about the government response to 2005's Hurricane Katrina with the advice, "Don't get stuck on stupid." Lord. Today, the Big Stupid stems from what was originally… Continue reading “Don’t Get Stuck On Stupid”

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Dear Daily Telegraph….

....frankly, I can't be arsed to look around your website any longer to try to find the link that allows me to send you a question, or to request a reason why my recent comment on your article titled "Prince William praises 'selfless' officer killed defending US Capitol." was removed from your site.  (Something one… Continue reading Dear Daily Telegraph….