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Semper Fi! My Marine Corps Tulips. And Some Other Stuff As Well.

Full disclosure:  I'm 67 years old.  This upcoming September (2022), I'll be 68.  No point pretending otherwise.  No point writing posts either celebrating--or bemoaning--my "hotness" in a previous life about half-a-century ago (so I'll spare you the bikini-beach-babe pic, unless you're really determined to view it, in which case knock yourself out). Things are what… Continue reading Semper Fi! My Marine Corps Tulips. And Some Other Stuff As Well.

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On Granny. Oh, and On Chocolate, Too. And a Few Other Things As Well

On this April 16, 2022, a day that would have been my grandmother Molly's 124th birthday, I bring back a post originally published five years ago today, on Ricochet.  Nothing's changed. My grandmother Molly could be a rather stern old lady. She was born when Queen Victoria was still on the throne, on April 16,… Continue reading On Granny. Oh, and On Chocolate, Too. And a Few Other Things As Well

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Just a Daughter’s Memories: Nigeria 1959

March is a problematic month for me, being one of those two or three in the year in which anniversaries and memories--those both deleriously joyous and desperately sad--seem to congregate and coalesce in an inescapable, and sometimes overwhelming, swarm.  My granddaughter's birthday. Our dinner of grace and the death of Mr. Right's first wife.  "Fifteen… Continue reading Just a Daughter’s Memories: Nigeria 1959

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Amazing Grace–A Lenten Post

During a British conference on comparative religions, experts from around the world were discussing whether any one belief was unique to the Christian faith. They began eliminating possibilities. Incarnation? Other religions had different versions of gods appearing in human form. Resurrection? Again, other religions had accounts of return from death. The debate went on for… Continue reading Amazing Grace–A Lenten Post

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Gagara Yasin

The year was 1956. I knew something was horribly wrong that night, when Ahmadu dropped the soup! Normally exquisitely self-possessed, immaculately groomed, and imperturbable, our man-servant and friend was disheveled, the color of cement, and shaking like a leaf with acute anxiety and palpable fear. Our little family—myself, Kay, and our imperious eighteen-month-old daughter, known… Continue reading Gagara Yasin

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My “Feminist” Fever Dream

I am the grandmother of an eight-year-old girl. Technically, she is my step-granddaughter, though the distinction makes no difference, I assure you. Her mother is my stepdaughter and beloved friend. Her first few years have not been idyllic. And she’s had to learn to be a little tougher than I would like, a little earlier than I would… Continue reading My “Feminist” Fever Dream

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Counting Only the Sunny Hours–From Now On, Of Course

Sundials.  I have one.  Carefully adjusted so that it tells the approximate time based on the position of the sun showing in the sky.  (When there is sun showing in the sky.)  It's kinda fun, because, simply by moving the dish, I can tell the time in any part of the world; anywhere that's important… Continue reading Counting Only the Sunny Hours–From Now On, Of Course

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Rosyjskie Diabły

I learned that little Polish phrase from the late Mr. She, not very long after I met him, on a day when we were swapping stories about our eccentric and (in wholly different ways) exceptional families. It’s one of the few (SFW) bits of Polish I know, and I say it with great determination and… Continue reading Rosyjskie Diabły

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Roses are Red . . . Jokes, Adages, Sayings

I've mentioned before how much I enjoy Ammo Grrrll's Friday morning posts on Powerline.  Today's post, Make New Friends, and Keep the Old, is no exception. Her fond recounting of some of the entries in "Mama Dorothy's autograph book" put me in mind of this post I wrote on Ricochet eight (!) years ago about… Continue reading Roses are Red . . . Jokes, Adages, Sayings