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The Lockdown Files

“The Lockdown Files” is the name of a series of investigative reports in the Daily Telegraph, reports which are currently rocking the United Kingdom, having to do with the government’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic.  Keep in mind that the governmental structure in the UK is much flatter than it is in the US, that there… Continue reading The Lockdown Files

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Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!

So there I was this morning, walking into the Wellness Center for my thrice weekly half-mile swim, when I meandered past the kiddie-pen (they always seem to be having a marvelous time) and noticed the large hanging banner in green sparkly cardstock wishing everyone a “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!” Glory be. It doesn’t arrive for… Continue reading Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!

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Happy Birthday, Eleanor Farjeon!, And RIP, Richard III

Today (February 13, 2023), I'm reviving a post from just six months ago.  For a couple of reasons: First, because today is the anniversary of the birthday of the incomparable Eleanor Farjeon, who was born 142 years ago today, on February 13, 1881.  She's mentioned, although peripherally, in the post below. And second, because of… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Eleanor Farjeon!, And RIP, Richard III

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Queen for a Day Three-Quarters of a Century

Seventy-one years ago today, upon the death of her father, King George VI, Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary ascended to the throne of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and all her other Realms and Territories. She spent the next seventy years of her life cheerfully (to outward appearance) doing her duty and serving the people she… Continue reading Queen for a Day Three-Quarters of a Century

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Meme: YYY, Delilah!

As reported in several places: XX= Woman XY=Man YYY=Delilah In an effulgence of political correctness/cowardice, the Welsh Rugby Union  has announced that the Tom Jones hit song Delilah will no longer be played as part of its approved song list.  Because, you know, "misogyny." Thankfully, and as I had hoped, it's foolish and pointless to bet… Continue reading Meme: YYY, Delilah!

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QOTD: “The House of Delusions,” Take Two

The house of delusions is cheap to build but drafty to live in, and ready at any instant to fall--A.E. Houseman The last time I wrote a post on this quote from one of my favorite poets, was in August of 2021.  It was on a completely different subject, but I ended it thus: Sometimes,… Continue reading QOTD: “The House of Delusions,” Take Two

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Private Parts: The Memoirs of Captain Harry Wales

Crimenutely. Subsequent to the leak of an English-language copy to The Guardian, and the "accidental" release--a week before its scheduled date--onto Spanish bookshelves of Prince Harry's autobiography Spare (known in Spain as En La Sombra--In the Shadow), the revelations have fallen thick and fast: Prince William once shoved Harry into a dog bowl, causing Prince… Continue reading Private Parts: The Memoirs of Captain Harry Wales

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Music Hall Memories

Cross-posted from Ricochet: Oh, “dear, dear, dear.” I tried out that phrase, beloved of my father when dealing with a screaming infant, on my 18-month-old niece a few days ago.  She immediately picked it up and responded, “deoo, deoo, deoo,” thus instituting the first two-way conversation we’ve ever had, even if only over the phone. I’m… Continue reading Music Hall Memories

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Post #582

The word "for" is not a pronoun. That's a fruitcake. Herewith, my dad's much-loved recipe for mince pies--one which I have shared many times, both online and in-person--from the Farmhouse Fare cookbook: Plum Mincemeat 4 lbs plums 2 lemons 1 cup water 8 large cooking apples 4 oz currants 4 oz raisins 4 oz sultanas… Continue reading Post #582