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Oh, My Very Goshness! I’m Trendsetting Again!

The headline from a featured article in today's Telegraph: Garden of weeds takes home gold at Royal Horticultural Society Show. I am crying with joy.  Speechless with pride.  Overcome with emotion.  And--at last--sure of my gardening (if nothing else) prowess. (Those of you who are vehement defenders of your Homeowner Association's right to regulate to… Continue reading Oh, My Very Goshness! I’m Trendsetting Again!

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Guilty Pleasures

They’re so funny.  And, in many ways, so very human. This is Oleg.  He’s tiny for his age (about six weeks), and his “sister” (Tatiana) who’s only a couple of days older, is almost twice his size.  I only named them this morning, upon the increasing certainty that the little fermentation vats that comprise their… Continue reading Guilty Pleasures


Happy First Day of Spring!

Gotta say, there were a few times, this past winter, which was hard, cold, snowy, and icy to an extent I’d almost forgotten winter could be, when I was a bit worried.  But it’s here: Note: The United Nations General Assembly (barf) has designated March 20 as its “International Day of Happiness.”  So today’s… Continue reading Happy First Day of Spring!

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The Yankee Gale

“The Third of October, 1851, brought perhaps the greatest marine disaster in [Prince Edward Island] history. The afternoon was warm and still…the sky heavily clouded. The north and north west had a lurid, glassy appearance about sunset. It was a Friday, perhaps the best remembered Friday in P.E.I. history. A violent gale and wind arose… Continue reading The Yankee Gale

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Watch The Birdie!

February 15, 2019 is the first day of the twenty-second annual world-wide Audubon Backyard Bird Count, an annual weekend event that draws in over 150,000 volunteer “counters” in over 100 countries, and which last year reported counts on approximately 6,500 different species of our avian friends. If you’re an amateur birdwatcher, at whatever experience level, and… Continue reading Watch The Birdie!