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Happy Birthday, Ammo Grrrll!

Susan Vass is a retired stand-up comedian (from the days when such people were actually funny), who writes a regular Friday humor column on PowerLine, one of my favorite websites. (It's the website that, all the way back in August of 2010, introduced me to Ricochet.) Susan's column for Friday, October 8, 2021, can be… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Ammo Grrrll!

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Pee Po Belly Bum…Drawers?

There are days when I despair for the future of the generations that will come after me.  To be clear, though, today isn't one of them.  This morning, I was gifted a photograph of 98-year-old Auntie Pat, sitting with my three-month-old niece on her lap.  The joy in Pat's face, and the equanimity with which… Continue reading Pee Po Belly Bum…Drawers?

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“To Her Father with Some Verses”

Most truly honoured, and as truly dear, If worth in me or ought I do appear, Who can of right better demand the same Than may your worthy self from whom it came? The principal might yield a greater sum, Yet handled ill, amounts but to this crumb; My stock's so small I know not… Continue reading “To Her Father with Some Verses”

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Halyomorpha Halys

Otherwise known as the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. It’s been a fact of life in these United States since September, 1998, when it was "accidentally" introduced--probably from its having stowed away in a shipping container--in Allentown PA.  It’s yet another gift from our Oriental friends, along with poisonous plastic-ingredient dog-food, formaldehyde-infused mattresses (maybe they were… Continue reading Halyomorpha Halys

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September Song

Oh, it's a long, long while From May to December, And the days grow short When you reach September.... Well, here we are again.  Almost at the autumnal equinox (which happens this year on September 22), that time of year when the the Sun hangs directly above the equator and day and night (which have… Continue reading September Song

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A Mother-In-Law For the Ages

It’s been almost fourteen years since my mother-in-law passed away, and perhaps it’s time to tell a bit of her story. Geraldine Virginia was born on May 13, 1918. She’d have been 103 this year, had she lived. And she might have. Although, as some of you already know, my birth family is generally long-lived,… Continue reading A Mother-In-Law For the Ages