Who is this RightWingKnitJob you speak of?

“She can milk … She brews good ale … She can sew … She can knit … She can wash and scour … She can spin … She hath many nameless virtues” Two Gentlemen of Verona, Act 3, Scene i.

All true.

She is also a recovering IT professional living on a farm in Southwestern Pennsylvania with numerous sheep, goats, rabbits, cats, dogs, and an immense yarn stash which has been augmenting, replenishing, and upsizing itself without human intervention for more than half a century.

She has flown under the radar, blogging with the cisgendered, but appropriate, moniker “She,” on Ricochet for years, and many of the posts on this site are cross-posted from there.

But she’d like to extend her reach a bit, would like to write some about one of her passions, knitting, and, on occasion, perhaps post something that wouldn’t quite work on Ricochet for one reason or another.

Enough with this “Bob Dole,” speaking of myself in the third-person business.

I welcome you to this site!