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Quote of the Day: “Precious Bodily Fluids” Brigadier-General Ripper actually had a few intelligent things to say on other matters.  But what he's most remembered for are his very essential, obsessive, lunatical, misogynistic, rantings. Sad.  But funny. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, premiered 59 years ago today, on January 29, 1964.

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Burns Supper Night: 2023

O wad some Pow'r the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us! It wad frae mony a blunder free us, An' foolish notion Ah!  The sainted Rabbie Burns.  Scotland's national poet.  Romantic to the end.  Socialist.  Raconteur.  A man who dropped his seed wherever he felt like it, upon whichever woman struck… Continue reading Burns Supper Night: 2023

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QOTD: “The House of Delusions,” Take Two

The house of delusions is cheap to build but drafty to live in, and ready at any instant to fall--A.E. Houseman The last time I wrote a post on this quote from one of my favorite poets, was in August of 2021.  It was on a completely different subject, but I ended it thus: Sometimes,… Continue reading QOTD: “The House of Delusions,” Take Two

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On Hatred: What Did CS Lewis Have To Say?

Yes, it's a marvelous conundrum: I remember Christian teachers telling me long ago that I must hate a bad man's actions but not hate the bad man: or, as they would say, hate the sin but not the sinner...I used to think this a silly, straw-splitting distinction: how could you hate what a man did… Continue reading On Hatred: What Did CS Lewis Have To Say?

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Rosy-Fingered Dawn

Beautiful morning today, down here on the farm, although a fleeting recollection of the old saying, "Red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning," did run through my mind. (True to form, the rain starts tonight.) But my first thought took me back to my high-school days, and the first time I read The Odyssey end-to-end… Continue reading Rosy-Fingered Dawn

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Two from Tennyson for New Year’s Eve

Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering 'it will be happier'--Alfred, Lord Tennyson Crimenutely. In my search for a suitable quote of the day for New Year's Eve, I stumbled over a little-known work (at least, I didn't know about it, which makes it little-known in my book) by Alfred, Lord… Continue reading Two from Tennyson for New Year’s Eve

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“Infinite Wrath, and Infinite Despair”

Well, peeps.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time investigating and watching much of the latest “Harry and Meghan” outpourings on Netflix, so you don’t have to.  (A Nigerian prince will be contacting you shortly and directing your gratitude-filled donations to me.  Please follow through. Trust me; I deserve them.) As many of you know,… Continue reading “Infinite Wrath, and Infinite Despair”

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The Greatest and First Rule: Make Friends With People Who Want the Best For You

If you surround yourself with people who support your upward aim, they will not tolerate your cynicism and destructiveness. They will instead encourage you when you do good for yourself and others and punish you carefully when you do not. This will help you bolster your resolve to do what you should do, in the… Continue reading The Greatest and First Rule: Make Friends With People Who Want the Best For You

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A Guy Fawkes Thought Experiment

This weekend brings on that most British of holidays–Bonfire Night–Guy Fawkes Night–the Fifth of November. The holiday that, when I was a kid, was exponentially bigger than Halloween, as for a few days before, children would push around a wheelbarrow laden with a straw-stuffed effigy of Guido Fawkes, usually dressed in their father’s cast-offs or… Continue reading A Guy Fawkes Thought Experiment