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That Moment When You Know You’re Old

Gosh.  I really missed my annual Auntie Pat post this year.  She died just a few days short of a year ago, at the age of about 99-and-a-half, on December 10, 2022.  One of the last sentient conversations I had with her was in June of 2022, just before her 99th birthday.  Things weren't quite… Continue reading That Moment When You Know You’re Old

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And Now For Something Completely Different: Chicken Clucker Edition

So. I’ve about wrapped up, absent a bit of trim and the installation of an outdoor-accessible nest box–not an immediate priority because the elderly ladies involved rarely lay eggs anymore–the construction of my assisted-living chicken coop for the geezers.  It’s going to have to stay in the driveway for the winter, but it is on… Continue reading And Now For Something Completely Different: Chicken Clucker Edition

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“Seeing God in a Cat”

One of the most delightful parts of my weekend is opening my email (yes, really, I know how sad that sounds) on Sunday sometime and discovering Douglas Murray’s latest “Things Worth Remembering” installment for The Free Press.  I’m a basic (paid) subscriber to the site, so I get all the links and can read the… Continue reading “Seeing God in a Cat”

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Adding Spice, and Sexiness, to Life

In digging around for something to post about today, I see that it's exactly sixteen years since The Spice Girls released their upcoming Greatest Hits album, announcing that it would be exclusively available at the Victoria's Secret lingerie chain for two months before it was released anywhere else. Never really been a fan. (Yawn.)… Continue reading Adding Spice, and Sexiness, to Life

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You Go, Girl! In Praise of Angela Rippon

"Who is Angela Rippon?" You may ask. And it's perfectly fine if you do.  I'm ready to go to war on her behalf. I know who Angela Rippon is mostly because I'm old enough to remember her insurgence on the BBC as its first permanent female journalist on the national television news.  And also--not to… Continue reading You Go, Girl! In Praise of Angela Rippon

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Autumn Equinox, 2023

From Miles Davis and John Coltrane: I shall not be dancing naked in the fields, or widdershins at midnight around the church tower, or anywhere else for that matter.  I will be out looking at the sunset and appreciating the changing of the seasons (anyone who doesn't think summer's over wasn't standing with me… Continue reading Autumn Equinox, 2023

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Amazing Grace, Dan Vasc Edition

Oh, as I've said a few times, sometimes these posts write themselves.  I'm just the witless scribe. This morning, one of my favorite Ricochet posters linked to the hymn, Amazing Grace, as performed by Dan Vasc, a 34-year old Brazilian heavy metal singer and YouTube star.  A tough pill to swallow, if you're me, the… Continue reading Amazing Grace, Dan Vasc Edition

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Adventures in Birding

Cross-posted from, yesterday, August 19, 2023: Lo, these many years ago, those of us in the early days of the personal computer industry, we who depended on the success of the technology-in-its-infancy for our livelihoods, lusted after something we dubbed “the killer app.”  It had nothing to do with actual violence; we longed only for… Continue reading Adventures in Birding