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Pee Po Belly Bum…Drawers?

There are days when I despair for the future of the generations that will come after me.  To be clear, though, today isn't one of them.  This morning, I was gifted a photograph of 98-year-old Auntie Pat, sitting with my three-month-old niece on her lap.  The joy in Pat's face, and the equanimity with which… Continue reading Pee Po Belly Bum…Drawers?

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Growing Up Ginger, Redux

Some recent, and to my mind, quite moronic comments about female ugliness, elsewhere on the web, got me reminiscing about one of my mother's favorite sayings: "A woman of 40 gets the face she deserves." I went looking for its source some days ago, and found it attributed to a 1957 Los Angeles Times interview… Continue reading Growing Up Ginger, Redux

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My “Feminist” Fever Dream

I am the grandmother of an eight-year-old girl. Technically, she is my step-granddaughter, though the distinction makes no difference, I assure you. Her mother is my stepdaughter and beloved friend. Her first few years have not been idyllic. And she’s had to learn to be a little tougher than I would like, a little earlier than I would… Continue reading My “Feminist” Fever Dream

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Shadow Lands and Cyber Worlds

I’ve always loved literature. By which I mean, I’ve always loved stories. I was never terribly academic about it, even during my university days, and I’ve certainly never been one of those desperate creatures the like-minded among us used to call (with a sniff), “Serious Students of Lit-ter-a-toor.”  They could usually be spotted on Friday nights… Continue reading Shadow Lands and Cyber Worlds

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I’m So Excited–My New Roses Will Be Delivered Tomorrow! David Austin, PBUH (this is the US link; it's originally a UK firm) says that they've been shipped at exactly the right time for planting in my plant hardiness "zone."  (My zone number is somewhere between 6A and 6B--worst case indicating that the temperatures in the winter might go down to about -25F, or… Continue reading I’m So Excited–My New Roses Will Be Delivered Tomorrow!

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An Open Letter To My Spectacles

Dear Spectacles, I’m giving you fair warning here: I’ve had enough. Enough of your silly games. Enough of listening to you snicker as I stumble blindly around the house trying to find you after you’ve hidden yourselves away for the infinity-umpteenth time (borrowed that locution from my granddaughter who, when she was four, learned about… Continue reading An Open Letter To My Spectacles

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Wisdom From My Granny

I had my last conversation with Granny (my mother’s mother) not too long before she died. She was in her mid-eighties at the time, almost bedridden from the arthritis that had plagued her for decades, and mentally, she was getting a little bit woolly. The past, though, was still clear in her mind, and she… Continue reading Wisdom From My Granny

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Free Stuff: Fizzy Bath Salt Recipe for Your Home Spa

There's a new bit of "free stuff" on RWKJ today--a recipe for lovely fizzy bath salts for your very own (hopefully, although I can make no guarantees on this) Covid-19-free home spa!  Just click here to find it.  And enjoy!  (I'm currently working on bubble bath recipes, having discovered that my faithful cat Psymon, is… Continue reading Free Stuff: Fizzy Bath Salt Recipe for Your Home Spa