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“We are an Easter People, and Alleluia is our song!”

It’s true that I haven’t been able to find a single source pointing me to the place where the putative author of today’s quote said exactly these words, even in translation (perhaps someone could help me out). But they are widely attributed to St. Augustine, and certainly embody the spirit of his Easter Reflections, an… Continue reading “We are an Easter People, and Alleluia is our song!”

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“Lucent syrops, tinct with cinnamon”

Happy January 21!  The sun has come up, the earth is still turning, and life goes on in these United States. Today is, according to legend, the 1717th anniversary of the martyrdom of St. Agnes of Rome, patron saint of young girls and defender of the chaste.  Brutally murdered in AD 304 at the order… Continue reading “Lucent syrops, tinct with cinnamon”

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Take That, Netflix!!

In the eyes of this crazy British lady (for that is what I am, all rumors to the contrary notwithstanding), I think the wearer of The Crown (The. Real. One.) outdid herself today with her annual Christmas message. Delivered perfectly–she’s 94 years old, for Pete’s sake, and puts almost any decades-younger American politician that springs readily… Continue reading Take That, Netflix!!

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Putting Up the Christmas Tree

It's that time of year again . . . and I was reminded of a post that I wrote on Ricochet--crimenutely!--seven Decembers ago.  Not much has changed, except that our small family is even smaller.  Sam is gone.  And Mr. Right is gone.  And numerous other two and four-legged friends have either fallen by the… Continue reading Putting Up the Christmas Tree

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“The Doors of Hell Are Locked On the Inside”

Eight days after I began work there, as the organization’s first staff member dedicated to supporting its personal computer users, the unionized employees at my local community hospital went on strike. It was February 1, 1990. Early that morning, as instructed, I drove across a picket line for the first time in my life, showing… Continue reading “The Doors of Hell Are Locked On the Inside”

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The Power, and the Glory, of the Word

The church of my childhood was St. Mary’s, Handsworth, just outside Birmingham, in England. Although I probably attended services there only a few dozen times, while we stayed with Granny and Grandpa during my father’s infrequent “leave” periods from the Colonial Service in Nigeria, it was a bulwark of stability in my life. Like the… Continue reading The Power, and the Glory, of the Word

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Good Shabbos, Good Slippers: From Warm Hearts to Warm Feet

I returned home late Saturday night from a new and wonderful experience--spending the Jewish Sabbath with a delightful family and friends who, until now, I'd known only online.  My friends are shomer Shabbos, when means that they observe the Jewish commandments regarding the Sabbath, and they follow the rituals that govern it from nightfall on… Continue reading Good Shabbos, Good Slippers: From Warm Hearts to Warm Feet

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Occasional Quote of the Day: On Forgiving

Earlier today, I was moved to dig up a post I wrote on Ricochet a couple of years ago, one which dealt with the subject of forgiving, something that has been much on my mind lately, as it was then (long story, perhaps I'll tell it one day).  I wanted to refresh my memory of… Continue reading Occasional Quote of the Day: On Forgiving

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In Praise of Proverbs 31

RWKJ's note:  Please forgive me for republishing this oldie but goodie.  The sentiments expressed, as they relate to the obligations, permanency, and sacredness of the marital compact between a man and a woman, are close to my heart, especially at the moment.  I was lucky enough to be married to a man who was secure… Continue reading In Praise of Proverbs 31

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Not-The-Good News Network?

Earlier this week (August 12, 2020, to be exact), first thing in the morning, I eagerly downloaded my email and clicked to open my Morning Jolt of Good News, a daily bulletin I receive from the Good News Network.  It generally cheers me up, as I contemplate the other daily trials, tribulations, and botherations of… Continue reading Not-The-Good News Network?