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Simple and fresh and fair from winter’s close emerging, As if no artifice of fashion, business, politics, had ever been, Forth from its sunny nook of shelter’d grass–innocent, golden, calm as the dawn, The spring’s first dandelion shows its trustful face. —Walt Whitman Surely it's one of the humblest of spring flowers, and one which… Continue reading Harbinger

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I’m So Excited–My New Roses Will Be Delivered Tomorrow! David Austin, PBUH (this is the US link; it's originally a UK firm) says that they've been shipped at exactly the right time for planting in my plant hardiness "zone."  (My zone number is somewhere between 6A and 6B--worst case indicating that the temperatures in the winter might go down to about -25F, or… Continue reading I’m So Excited–My New Roses Will Be Delivered Tomorrow!


Happy First Day of Spring!

Gotta say, there were a few times, this past winter, which was hard, cold, snowy, and icy to an extent I’d almost forgotten winter could be, when I was a bit worried.  But it’s here: Note: The United Nations General Assembly (barf) has designated March 20 as its “International Day of Happiness.”  So today’s… Continue reading Happy First Day of Spring!

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The “Rights” of Spring

Bee Swarm Soirees: Check.  Done for the year I think.  Net gain of two hives, neither of which came quietly.  The first congregated around a fence post (actually on a "dropper" between two fence posts).  After my neighbor Randy helped scoop them into a five-frame "nuc" hive, I left them for 48 hours to settle,… Continue reading The “Rights” of Spring

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Friday Food and Drink Post: Olive Me

I don’t really like olives all that much. But I adore the idea of olives. And olive groves. And the Mediterranean. The stories by Peter Mayle and Carol Drinkwater. The presence of olive trees, olive oil, olive wood, and of course “olive branches” in our mythological, literary and cultural traditions. And the history of an ancient industry that has… Continue reading Friday Food and Drink Post: Olive Me