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Feeling Grateful, Blessed, and Very–Very–Clean

To be perfectly clear from the outset, I've been living in a construction zone since 1986, the year the late Mr. Right and I moved out to the country and started on our house.  Large swaths of the drywall were never painted.  Much finishing was left undone.  Doors have been missing.  Floors were, in some… Continue reading Feeling Grateful, Blessed, and Very–Very–Clean

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Hello–California Faucet Company–I’m Still Waiting

A bit less that four months ago, on February 12, 2022 (17+ weeks ago), I ordered some bathroom fixtures from the California Faucet Company with the understanding that the turnaround time to delivery would be somewhere between four and six weeks.  They're supposed to be top-tier, made-in-the-USA, products which are available--sensitively--to those working on home… Continue reading Hello–California Faucet Company–I’m Still Waiting

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Bringing the Light

Merry and Blessed Christmas to all from Chateau Right!  Xena leads off with a welcome: I've been known to go a bit overboard with the Christmas decorations, but I love them so, especially the decorations on and under the tree, many of whose provenance extends back forty years to the time when Mr. Right's and… Continue reading Bringing the Light

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In Praise of Small Talk

Trigger Warning (don’t say I didn’t warn you)–I am about to quote (and praise) Garrison Keillor. Some background:  When (in the terms some like to put it) Mr. She’s and my “love was young,” we found ourselves living in the low-rent district in Pittsburgh’s Mt. Washington (the high-rent district of which was populated by industrial… Continue reading In Praise of Small Talk