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Hello–California Faucet Company–I’m Still Waiting

A bit less that four months ago, on February 12, 2022 (17+ weeks ago), I ordered some bathroom fixtures from the California Faucet Company with the understanding that the turnaround time to delivery would be somewhere between four and six weeks.  They’re supposed to be top-tier, made-in-the-USA, products which are available–sensitively–to those working on home improvement, as follows (from their website):

“‘Yes’ to quick delivery

When working on a remodeling project, it’s both frustrating and costly when an entire project is delayed because you’re waiting on one fitting. At California Faucets, we lead the industry in delivery times for customizable, build-to-order products, so you can complete your projects on schedule.”

Boy howdy,  It’s very frustrating.  And incredibly costly that–FOUR MONTHS, 17+ WEEKS, LATER–I still don’t have complete product from you.  And that you’ve been ignoring my requests for updates, as well as ignoring those requests for updates from my local distributor–OF YOUR-PRODUCT–for same.

My most recent innovation to cover for your inexcusable failure to live up to your promises has been to secure–from Amazon–a three-sided screen which I can set up on the back porch so that I can stand there, on the back porch, outside–NAKED, behind the screen and wash myself WITH THE DOG SHOWER. Because you have totally let me down.


I’ll wait for the delivery of the things I’ve ordered.

And then, trust me, I’ll make a very loud noise.

And. I. Will. Never. Order. Another. Thing. From. You. Again.  Your name will be dirt.

Any questions?


5 thoughts on “Hello–California Faucet Company–I’m Still Waiting”

  1. I am unable to obtain a 2-part silicone encapsulant right now. Normally it is a 4-day turn. We order the 2 parts in a twin-cylinder dispensing cartridge because that is the easiest no mess way to deal with the stuff. I could get 5 gallon pails, but that would require a dispensing and mixing machine, which would require about 20 minutes of setup, and an hour of teardown, every time we needed material. This would not be optimal.

    I ordered this material in April, I will be lucky to get it by July. The material is readily made, but the maker cannot get the cylinder twin-packs, and has themselves been told those polyethylene tubes are unavailable anywhere in North America until July.

    This is unprecedented.

    And this is hardly the only story of late. Electronic components I ordered in 2020 (2 years ago now) I still have not received, and may not get until next year.

    A good friend works for a big automotive company – they are idling entire plants for lack of parts.

    Your faucet company should be more forthcoming about their supply issues, but I’m not surprised at the delay. Last year it took 9 months for us to get a couch. A friend has been waiting since August for a bedroom set – he hopes to have it next week.

    1. What’s infuriating isn’t so much the delay as it is the lying about when the stuff will arrive. The California Faucet Company told my local distributor that all the components for the shower would be here on April 21 (over six weeks ago). They weren’t. And they’re still not.

      On May 19, they told my local distributor that all the components had been shipped except the shower head, but that it only needed to be flow-tested, and then it would be on its way and here two weeks ago. That was almost three weeks ago. It’s still not here.

      Last week, they told my local distributor that everything–except the shower head had been shipped and would be here by Wednesday of this week (June 8).

      We’ll see about that. Watch this space.

      As for the showerhead–they’re ignoring his repeated requests for information as to where it is and when we should expect it.

      I can’t imagine how frustrating it is to be in the middle and played both by the supplier and the customer. Nevertheless, lying about the process is never a good look.

      This stuff better be really good, and it had better last a lifetime. Because I’ll never deal with them again.

  2. And so it continues. I’m still waiting for the showerhead. The local distributor finally got a response from the company saying that the showerhead (which was supposed to have arrived several weeks ago (in what I think was the fourth incarnation of promised delivery) had a “quality control” issue, but that the issue had been fixed and that the showerhead would be shipped by the middle of this week.

    Today, I stopped in to see the local distributor. Nothing. No notification of shipment or tracking. He’s emailed them again. Whatever they say in extenuation or promised delivery this time will be the FIFTH occasion of their committing to something they still haven’t fully delivered on.

    To reiterate: I understand that they may be having supply or staffing issues.

    But, glory be. Why the continual LYING?

    Over a shower head? It would be funny, if it weren’t so patently sad, if I hadn’t been waiting almost five months, if I weren’t standing–a few times a week–naked on the back porch with the dog shower, trying to get clean.

    I’m not laughing any more.

    1. Oh, it really is. My stepdaughter has (jokingly) suggested I set up a TikTok channel (or whatever they’re called on TikTok) and monetize video of my dog showers on the back porch. LOL. That might have worked when I was in my 20s, but I’m almost 70, so I doubt anyone would pay for such a thing, other than–perhaps–to make it go away….

      Seriously, though, it’s disgraceful, for a company that charges a premium (and they do) for the ability to customize their product, a company which pretends to care (and they don’t) about the customer experience, and a company which sells itself as a responsive industry leader (which they clearly aren’t).

      Thanks so much for your comment.

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