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Dear Prince William: Put a Sock in it. Please

I've mentioned before that I subscribe to only one online "mainstream" publication, and that's The Daily Telegraph.  Fond memories from my childhood of its being rolled up in a paper sleeve and posted to us, first in Nigeria, then in the States.  Arriving weeks late, but still interesting and informative, and with excellent features and… Continue reading Dear Prince William: Put a Sock in it. Please

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Happy Birthday, Xena!

She is, indeed, my Warrior Princess.  Eleven years old today.  And a survivor. She was born on June 17, 2011, and–as a Great Pyrenees puppy–somehow ended up living in an apartment in center-city Philadelphia PA.  God knows why.  Or how.  GPs are not–as a rule–high-energy dogs, and they can do quite well without an extensive… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Xena!