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Happy Birthday, Xena!

She is, indeed, my Warrior Princess.  Eleven years old today.  And a survivor. She was born on June 17, 2011, and–as a Great Pyrenees puppy–somehow ended up living in an apartment in center-city Philadelphia PA.  God knows why.  Or how.  GPs are not–as a rule–high-energy dogs, and they can do quite well without an extensive… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Xena!

Animals, Pets and Livestock

My Dogs Love Adele–Who Knew? Certainly Not I

So, today was the day. It was 80 degrees here in my little corner of SW Pennsylvania. Rain, starting tomorrow, and as far as the eye can see. Today. Do or die. Bathe or bust. Let me explain: The two Great Pyrenees, Levi and Xena, are on the same sort of bath schedule as Queen… Continue reading My Dogs Love Adele–Who Knew? Certainly Not I