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Book Review by Seawriter: A Memoir of Endurance and Survival

In January 1945 Major Donald J. Humphrey commanded a B-29 Superfortress. During a 1900-mile mission from India to bomb Singapore, his bomber was shot down over Malaya. Humphrey and four other members of the crew of Postville Express successfully parachuted out of the dying bomber. The rest of the crew failed to escape. 8 Miraculous Months… Continue reading Book Review by Seawriter: A Memoir of Endurance and Survival

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Quote of the Day: Why is History Important?

It is beneficial that the next generation learns about the past for the same reasons that it is important that you remember your childhood.  The quintessential question of “what next!”  How will we as a society go into the future without knowledge of the past? If we don’t know what we, as Americans, are, how… Continue reading Quote of the Day: Why is History Important?

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The Empathy Thing

I typed four words into Google:  “joe biden president empathic.”  Here are the top hits: Biden may be just the person America needs -In the entire history of American presidential campaigns, there may never have been a wider gap in empathy than between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. November 2020. US Election: For Joe Biden,… Continue reading The Empathy Thing

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Old Dogs, Children, and Watermelon Wine

Tom T. Hall died yesterday. While my contemporaries were listening to the addled, screeching, incoherent outpourings of the deranged, the dysfunctional, and the sex, drugs and rock-and-roll addicted contingent of my generation, I was here: Don't like it?  I don't really think I want to know you.

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Whatever Happened to the Afghan Girl?

Remember her?  I do.  It was 1985.  Mr. Right and I were still in Pittsburgh, and had not yet moved out to the country.  I was working for MCI Mail.  And I still eagerly awaited the monthly delivery of National Geographic in my mailbox.  It wasn't woke.  It didn't lecture.  And every month, it contained… Continue reading Whatever Happened to the Afghan Girl?

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The House of Delusion

Dateline, The English Midlands, January 2002:  Even as I write this last chapter, a thirty-five year old mother of five has been put under sentence of death by stoning in Sokoto, because two years after she was divorced by her husband, she gave birth to a baby daughter.  Had she sought to remarry, she would… Continue reading The House of Delusion

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This morning on Ricochet, I responded to a comment by another member about the elevation of religious identity above all others in many third-world conflicts with the following words: The strategy of elevating religion over ethnicity as a means to consolidate loyalties (both internally and externally) that might otherwise divide among tribal or other cultural… Continue reading Tribes

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Honorably Discharged . . . My Bialetti Coffeemakers

...for having met the required standards of duty, performance, and personal conduct over the course of the last four-and-a-half years--ever since they were surprisingly gifted to me--and, simultaneously (and at the same time) to at least one other--by a former friend.  While their terms of service and tours of duty may have been interrupted (certainly… Continue reading Honorably Discharged . . . My Bialetti Coffeemakers

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All Other Things Being Equal–Covidwise, At Least…

Where would you rather be? Yeah.  I got the vaccination (Pfizer) a few months ago.  I'll be 67 next month, and I don't mind admitting that, at all.  In relative terms, I'm pretty healthy, with no chronic conditions other than age-related arthritis in some of my joints.  Most of what else afflicts me is a… Continue reading All Other Things Being Equal–Covidwise, At Least…