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All Other Things Being Equal–Covidwise, At Least…

Where would you rather be?

Yeah.  I got the vaccination (Pfizer) a few months ago.  I’ll be 67 next month, and I don’t mind admitting that, at all.  In relative terms, I’m pretty healthy, with no chronic conditions other than age-related arthritis in some of my joints.  Most of what else afflicts me is a direct result of my determination not to give in, and to continue behaving and working as if my body is that of a young, healthy, and capable person (LOL), and it has taken place simply because one or another ligament or tendon is less elastic or forgiving than it used to be.  You know what?  I can cope with that, whether it be a small tear in my knee meniscus (I probably won’t get surgery), or a trigger finger in my left hand (I might, because it’s interfering with my knitting).  In either case, I’ll live.  Or, at least, I won’t die from such a cause. No sense dwelling on it, circling the drain, or inventing circumstances which would allow me to blame others for my own stupidity, overstimulation, and shortcomings, or to insult those who don’t get the vaccination or to celebrate those who do.

I thought long and hard before I rolled up my sleeve, and I didn’t get “jabbed” on my own account because I thought that I’d succumb to Covid were I to become infected because I think that, on balance, I would not.  Rather, I got it because several dear friends who are cancer survivors, or coping with chronic health conditions of their own have been so intimidated or frightened by the last eighteen months that if I wanted to continue close relations with them (and I did), it was the obvious choice. (To be clear, some of them are so compromised that a Covid diagnosis would probably prove fatal–and I’d never, ever, want to be instrumental or enabling in that regard.)

So far, so good, at least on my own account.  And they’re all doing OK, too. So, Win, Win!

Now, I’ve got friends on several continents, and in many countries.  And to all those friends–whether they’re in the United States, Canada, Latin America, South America, Africa, Europe, the UK, India, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, China, Nigeria, Mexico, Japan, Germany, France, Poland, Iraq, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Singapore, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Ireland, Mongolia, the Far East, the Near, East, the Middle East, Cyprus, the Bahamas, Haiti, the Seychelles, Vatican City, or anywhere else (yes, I’m aware that some of the former descriptors may overlap)–I wish the very best of health and happiness at this difficult time.

Still, no matter the idiocy that prevails in the public square at the moment, and despite the driveling loons who’d like to divide us irrevocably on this matter through their vicious partisanship and their conspiracy-mongering stupidity (looking at you, Anthony Fauci, and a number of others–LOL), there’s nowhere–if push comes to shove–that I’d rather be right now than in the United States of America,

If you’re of the same age range/mindset/situation that I am, please consider getting yourself vaccinated.

Or, change my mind.

Unlike so many, I’ll listen.

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