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Quote of the Day: “America is Too Stupid to Live”

I don't believe that for a moment.  Although it's a frequently-expressed opinion from a man I used to respect. No more.  For I know that: He. Is. Wrong. Let me explain.  I live on a farm.  I'm a widow and on my own.  I'm almost 67 years old.  I'm increasingly dependent on friends and neighbors… Continue reading Quote of the Day: “America is Too Stupid to Live”

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The Last “First”

A few months ago, on the occasion of 2021's Easter Sunday, I wrote a Ricochet post called "First Easter," in which I reflected on the fact that, following the death of a loved one, there's an inevitable year, 365 days, of "firsts."  It begins thus: I learned, many years ago, that when a loved one… Continue reading The Last “First”

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Growing Up Ginger, Redux

Some recent, and to my mind, quite moronic comments about female ugliness, elsewhere on the web, got me reminiscing about one of my mother's favorite sayings: "A woman of 40 gets the face she deserves." I went looking for its source some days ago, and found it attributed to a 1957 Los Angeles Times interview… Continue reading Growing Up Ginger, Redux

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Telegraph exclusive: Harry and Meghan rejected Earl of Dumbarton title for Archie for containing word 'dumb.' In case you fall victim to the Telegraph paywall, further information as follows: Sources reveal they declined to use the title as they feared their son would be bullied or attract unfortunate nicknames These are the same people who… Continue reading Crimenutely

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Photos, Or it Didn’t Happen: Part Two

I wrote recently about my visit to Thailand in 2018, and of a visit to Chiang Rai's spectacular White Temple. Competing for the role of "most famous Chiang Rai tourist attraction" (unless you're a golfer, in which case it's probably the Santiburi Country Club, which is also quite lovely--and the food is very good too--even… Continue reading Photos, Or it Didn’t Happen: Part Two

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There’s A Reason It’s Pronounced “Maudlin”

Telegraph breaking news: Queen becomes latest victim of cancel culture as portrait is removed from Oxford college. The Queen has become the latest victim of cancel culture after students at an Oxford College voted to remove her portrait. The Queen’s likeness hung in the middle common room (MCR) of Magdalen College, which has a long association with members of… Continue reading There’s A Reason It’s Pronounced “Maudlin”

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Can You Hear Me Now Yet?

"Can you hear me now?" was the tag line in a series of Verizon commercials from the early 2000s, touting its nationwide coverage, and the fact that folks from all parts of the country were more likely to be able to "hear" each other via cellphone if they were Verizon  subscribers, because of the company's… Continue reading Can You Hear Me Now Yet?

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Photos, Or It Didn’t Happen

That's a saying we have on Ricochet.  It may have been intitated by a former member known as Simon Templar; I'm not sure. In any event, it's become a popular phrase, and we generally try to oblige. One of the must-see sights in Chiang Rai, Thailand is Wat Rong Khun, or the White Temple.  It's… Continue reading Photos, Or It Didn’t Happen

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Martin Bashir Gets His Comeuppance, Courtesy of Lord Dyson

This is not a post about the merits (or otherwise) of the British monarchy. Nor about how glad the former colony on this side of the pond is, or should be, to have crawled out from under the yoke of it.  Nor about what fools these British be for keeping it around, even in its… Continue reading Martin Bashir Gets His Comeuppance, Courtesy of Lord Dyson