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Happy (Belated) International Tea Day!

ICYMI, May 21 was "International Tea Day."  I celebrate it here: Gosh.  When I discovered this event, I thought–as so many of my progenitors, particularly those like Auntie Pat and my Granny, might have–How marvelous!  A day celebrating the joys of tea, its restorative effects in the face of calamity, and its propensity for inducing calm… Continue reading Happy (Belated) International Tea Day!

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Want To Cool Down? Have a Nice Hot Cuppa Cha!

Hey, guess what? My Granny knew what she was talking about! About lots of things actually, but in relation to this post, about only one. She was a great believer, on a stinking hot day (remember, we’re taking about England, so any day on which the temperature goes above 60 degrees Fahrenheit qualifies as scorchio), in… Continue reading Want To Cool Down? Have a Nice Hot Cuppa Cha!