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Digging (and Cooking) For Victory–VE Day +78!

I first posted the following on Ricochet, on May 8, 2020. Sadly, darling Auntie Pat is no longer with us, having died shortly before Christmas 2022, at the grand old age of 99.  But the humanity, gutsiness, and wisdom that she--and so many others of the 'greatest generation'--exemplified, resonates today. Ladies and gentlemen,… Continue reading Digging (and Cooking) For Victory–VE Day +78!

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Bringing the Light

Lucy: “An English name, Lucy means ‘of the light.'” So sue me, I spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon watching the Coronation Concert, which was carried live on PBS.  Overall, it was considerably better than I expected, with a couple of bizarre and untuneful exceptions.  What has probably been the most controversial act —… Continue reading Bringing the Light