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Roses in December

God gave us memories that we might have roses in December–J.M. Barrie It’s a lovely sentiment, isn’t it? Unfortunately, not all our memories come up roses (pace Ethel Merman): and our memory gardens inevitably include thorns, thistles, poison ivy, and an abundance of other nasty weeds we encountered at some point in the horticultural… Continue reading Roses in December

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Book Review by Seawriter: Adventure in the Persian Gulf

Jack “Rattler” Owen had a dream when he was growing up--to become a US Navy fighter pilot. He is now a Navy pilot in today’s US Navy, but he is flying the E-2C Hawkeye, not fighters. Treason Flight, a thriller by T. R. Matson opens with Owen discovering flying the Hawkeye can be every bit… Continue reading Book Review by Seawriter: Adventure in the Persian Gulf

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What Exactly is “Bro Country” Music?

And when a person says that a dude "ain't it," no matter how quickly or how soon he changes the crowd-facing URL to indicate that perhaps that person might have "bro-country" chops, what exactly does that mean? It's a heartrending song (at least as far as the lyrics go).  I don't know--myself--if Chris Stapleton… Continue reading What Exactly is “Bro Country” Music?

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Som Tun! ส้มตำไทย

Green Papaya Salad.  OMG, it's delicious. I've written before about my affinity for this lovely dish, something I first discovered in Chiang Rai, Thailand, in a tiny, hole-in-the-wall establishment run by aged crones: I've been searching it out ever since, on this side of the pond, with varying degrees of success.  So far, Maenam Thai… Continue reading Som Tun! ส้มตำไทย