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Dear Daily Telegraph….

File:Daily Telegraph Allied Troops Marching To Athens 2 December 1916.jpg….frankly, I can’t be arsed to look around your website any longer to try to find the link that allows me to send you a question, or to request a reason why my recent comment on your article titled “Prince William praises ‘selfless’ officer killed defending US Capitol.” was removed from your site.  (Something one might think–as a matter of simple decency–my annual subscription of almost 250USD to your site would provide me as a matter of course.  Just a thought.)

For reference, here’s my comment in full, complete with the  notation that you removed it:

Your commenting policy is that comments should be “on topic, constructive, and respectful.”  I invite you to show me where I  deviated from any of those requirements.  My comment was fair, factual, nuanced, respectful of Officer Sicknick’s service, and–yet–entirely true.  Because, you see, I believe that if there’s a person in this story who deserves respect, honesty, and the truth, it’s Officer Sicknick.  Not the Biden administration.  Not the Washington Post.  Not CNN.  Not the Daily Telegraph.  Not even (shock horror) the BBC.  And certainly not the Duke of Cambridge who–let’s face it, and no matter his big heart–really has nothing to do with the matter and who appears to be entirely ignorant of its details.  Nevertheless, I did my best to be respectful of all of you.  Please show me where I failed.

Since I made my own comment, there have been numerous comments on the Telegraph site, on the same article, that have made essentially the same point as I did.  And yet, these comments still stand and have not been removed as mine was.

Why is that? LOL.

For the record, I subscribe–as a paying member–to four different news/discussion sites on the Internet.  They are international and cross all political and ideological boundaries.  I know full well how to contact and make my feelings known on three of them.  The only one which seems to make such communication difficult is the Daily Telegraph (the second most expensive), which apparently thinks so little of its subscribers that it won’t provide them with a simple feedback mechanism through which they can make their concerns known.

So very sad!  And yeah.  I’m not committing virtual suicide, and I’m not going quietly.  You, Daily Telegraph, are going to have to fire me, deplorable that I am.

Have at it!

PS:  I put this post in–among other things–the category of “Alternate History.”  TBPC, in this case, the “alternate history” and the “alternative facts” are yours, not mine.  I’m living here in what Rush Limbaugh called “Realville.”  You?  Not so much, my friends.


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