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Book Recommendation: Operation Free Bird

I learned yesterday from a Ricochet friend that his book, Operation Free Bird, has been published on Smashwords.  After a hiccup or two I was able to download it, and have started reading it.

Operation Free Bird is the sequel to Virga Joy, by the same author, and a book I recommended here late last year.

Operation Free Bird recounts the continuing adventures of “El Colonel” Colin Campbell and his friend,  the Canadian botanist Alan Greene, this time with a plot that focuses on Afghanistan, although it ranges world-wide, from Costa Rica to England, and from Germany to India.  The premise is intriguing–part thriller, part war story, and I am eager to find out more.

The author anticipates that the book will, within a week or two be available on other ebook platforms such as Barnes and Noble, Apple, Scribd, etc.  If Smashwords defeats you (as it almost does me), you might prefer to wait.  I decided not to, and so far, it was well worth the extra bit of effort.  I’ll remember to comment here when it’s available elsewhere.

Operation Free Bird: A Campbell/Green Adventure, by Douglas Kimball, published August 30, 3021 on Smashwords, $8.99

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