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Please Consider This Book–Perhaps As a Christmas Present

I was lucky enough to view the pre-publication chapters of this book–Virga Joy (Or the Adventures of El Colonel de Corona), and to be able to weigh in, in a very small way, on its final content.

It’s a very pleasing work of escapist fiction, written, in its entirety, by a friend.


And please keep an eye out, sometime in the future, for my own comic novel, as well as the memoirs from my Dad.

Thanks, all!


5 thoughts on “Please Consider This Book–Perhaps As a Christmas Present”

  1. Re: my comic novel:

    I’m thinking of writing a novel (more escapist fiction, of course) about a washed-up, drunken old Marine who can’t get it up anymore and is reduced to globetrotting and trawling Internet dating sites looking for babes who’ll sign up for a tour of duty based on promises of untold wealth from a speculative business venture and a lifetime of international travel, and who aren’t really too bothered by his inadequacies in the manhood department. To help him choose from the stable of likely candidates, he posts photographs of their scantily clad rear-ends (adorned only in a thong which disappears up their hooha, and occasionally with accessories such as feathers, handcuffs and whips) on his blog for his small band of elderly female followers to drool over, choose from, and approve.

    I’m thinking of calling it Viagra Joy. Can I sign some of you up for an advance copy? 😂🤣

  2. Can the main character attempt to copy Rick Blaine’s actual (if masked) soulfulness by endlessly reposting his own piece of poetry which he feels is excellent but by any writing standard is unctuous, greasy, and desperate?

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