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Occasional Quote of the Day: Thomas Bulfinch

“Our work is not for the learned, nor for the theologian, nor for the philosopher, but for the reader of English literature, of either sex, who wishes to comprehend the allusions so frequently made by public speakers, lecturers, essayists, and poets, and those which occur in polite conversation.”–Thomas Bulfinch Ah. Polite conversation. Remember when people… Continue reading Occasional Quote of the Day: Thomas Bulfinch

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The “Rights” of Spring

Bee Swarm Soirees: Check.  Done for the year I think.  Net gain of two hives, neither of which came quietly.  The first congregated around a fence post (actually on a "dropper" between two fence posts).  After my neighbor Randy helped scoop them into a five-frame "nuc" hive, I left them for 48 hours to settle,… Continue reading The “Rights” of Spring