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Vote Conservative, Actually

In what may be the Conservative’s last ad filmed before the election, BoJo parodies the carol singers scene from Love Actually to good effect. This just premiered a couple of hours ago on the UK and is already hugely popular. “Brilliant,” as my countrymen like to say. The Conservatives are polling at about 43%, Labor at 33%, and then the also-rans. It’s important that Boris get a majority of seats in order to forestall a “hung” Parliament or a bunch of jockeying to form a coalition. Wonder if this ad is good for a couple of points?

I did notice, at least in my version of YouTube, that the next video is of MP Gisela Stuart urging her voters to vote for the Conservative candidate. That’s interesting, because Ms. Stuart was a Labor MP for Edgbaston in Birmingham until she retired in 2017. She was very well thought of while she served as MP, and secured quite a few Conservative cross-over votes, Auntie Pat’s among them.

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