Not the Quote of the Day: Sticky Bee Edition

Proposed:  Any individual who has to start out a sentence with “I don’t want to be standing here in the freezing cold and the pouring rain glued to a bus,” has already lost the argument.

The article, in The Daily Mirror, contains plenty of other gems that signal that, perhaps, things are not going so well for “Extinction Rebellion” in the UK. Apparently, some friends of one of the soggy apis melliferae have been on a 23-day hunger strike outside Conservative HQ in London and “they’ve had almost no press. No Conservative members have spoken to them. It’s an act of desperation, and they’ve been completely disregarded.” And, horror of horrors, “the Tories have failed to attend the climate TV debate and many of the climate hustings.” The article details further indignities that have been visited upon the group, mostly due, it seems, to lack of interest from almost anyone else in Britain.

Thus, the last, desperate act of the Bee-yond Politics group on a cold and rainy, windswept, Staffordshire night as Boris Johnson’s bus left a manufacturing plant where he had delivered a speech.

Finally! They see victory within their grasp! Press! Attention! Action!

Unfortunately, though, in the damp squib of a finale to their epic protest, it appears that Boris Johnson wasn’t even on the bus.

Sad. Oh well, better luck next time, lads. What’s your next target?

Any suggestions for the brave crusaders?

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