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But That Was Yesterday . . .

Remember (not all that long ago), when those on the Left decried the Founding Fathers as a bunch of white, racist, slave-holding, and did I mention racist, rich, and did I mention racist, old men whose crown jewel, the Constitution of the United States was an out-of-date screed written by privileged, old (ADIMR) fuddy-duddies with no connection to the modern (and so much better) world?

When Beto almost cried at the thought of having to explain a concept so arcane and unfair as the reasoning behind the Electoral College to his children? And when that scholarly intellectual luminary AOC called that same Electoral College a scam?

When students at major institutions (and a large proportion of the faculty) near-rioted in order to get statues and memorializations of Washington, Jefferson, and others taken down? When people like left-wing CNN commentator (but I repeat myself) Angela Rye said, “to me, I don’t care if it’s a George Washington statue or a Thomas Jefferson statue or a Robert E. Lee statue, they all need to come down.”

When the poor guys couldn’t do anything right, and what they did, quite simply, was enable the worst, most corrupt, most vicious, greedy, and self-serving (ADIMR) Republic in the history of the world, and there’s nothing we can do except grovel and apologize for it from now until the end of time?

No more.

What visionaries the Founding Fathers were! How absolutely correct and forward-thinking! It’s almost as if they predicted the coming of Donald Trump! Every word of the Constitution is sacrosanct, and Trump has stricken it to the heart. Don’t mess with our founding documents! Nancy is flying to the rescue and she, and the Democrats, will save and enshrine it for future generations!

Who knows what tomorrow may bring.

I can’t wait. When the time comes, I hope the Republicans remember to call the Merry Musketeers from yesterday’s charade to present the rationale against, and to testify to the unwisdom of, a national popular vote. I’m sure they’ll be anxious to put their case.

Yeah. No.

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