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Grammar Police: Indefinite Reference Edition

Spotted this morning on The Weather Channel page:

Stupid fish. They never listen.

October 4th was the 437th birthday of the Gregorian Calendar, introduced on that date in 1582. In that year, things proceeded as normal until October 4; and then, in Spain, Portugal, and a few other countries, 11 days disappeared from record, and the day following became October 15.

Britain officially adopted the calendar in September 1752, in order to align itself more closely with Europe (I count this as the beginning of The Rot), and (apocryphally or not) history recounts the spectacle of mobs in the streets shortly thereafter, screaming “give us back our 11 days!”

I used to think the deplorable spectacle of a bunch of illiterate and toothless hayseeds who couldn’t comprehend the wisdom, and the science, of their betters was amusing when I was young. But now I’m 65 (albeit still with all my teeth), I think I’d like them back, too. (Not my teeth. The days. See post title).

One can get a lot done in 11 days if one puts one’s mind to it.

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