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Happy (Belated) Birthday, George Washington!

So here we are on February 22, 2021, all set to observe George Washington's 289th birthday.  Right? Not so fast. It's true that, for years, February 22 was a national holiday in the United States.  Banks were closed.  Schools were closed.  No mail was delivered.  Department stores nationwide celebrated the end of the "white sales"… Continue reading Happy (Belated) Birthday, George Washington!

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Grammar Police: Indefinite Reference Edition

Spotted this morning on The Weather Channel page: Stupid fish. They never listen. October 4th was the 437th birthday of the Gregorian Calendar, introduced on that date in 1582. In that year, things proceeded as normal until October 4; and then, in Spain, Portugal, and a few other countries, 11 days disappeared from record, and the day… Continue reading Grammar Police: Indefinite Reference Edition