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Why is History Important?

It is beneficial that the next generation learns about the past for the same reasons that it is important that you remember your childhood.  The quintessential question of “what next!”  How will we as a society go into the future without knowledge of the past? If we don’t know what we, as Americans, are, how will we know what we will become?–Miss Peachy.

The above, from two years ago today was my then thirteen-year old granddaughter’s spontaneous written response to the question on a pop quiz given by her teacher on the first day of eighth-grade classes.  It was the first in-person instruction she’d attended in about eighteen months.

She can’t have been entirely gruntled by the experience, as at some point during that first day, she sent her mother the following text:

Gosh, I really love that kid.  She makes my doddering old age embraceable and worthwhile.  For over a decade, I relished the role of “Granny, Purveyor of Splendid Halloween Costumes,” I love all the “granny” jokes.  Well, the ones that are kindly-meant, anyway, as hers always are.  And as I said in another post–something I realize is quite consonant with Miss Peachy’s “what’s next!” view of history–

Part of me wanted her to stay “little colander-head girl” forever. Part of me wants her never to grow up any more than she already has. Part of me can’t wait to see what kind of magnificent woman she grows up into, and what she does with her life. And I’ve come to understand that my favorite time with her is always the present, wherever, and whenever it is. The past, and the memories, are lovely. The future is exciting. But the present, and the gift, is now, and I’m going to enjoy every moment of it.

And so I do.


A Proud Granny

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  1. I wouldn’t recommend 8th grade either. Most singly unhappy and miserable year of my life, bar none.

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