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The Next Project–Because, Out Here, There Always is One

After sorting out the gates a few days ago, I moved on to the arch and the climbing rose.  Got that done yesterday and this morning.

Next–tree planting! (I live in a lovely, shady, rural environment.  But over the almost 40 years I’ve been here, many of the existing–not necessarily all that great–trees have died or fallen over.  Because I consider myself responsible to keep things nice, I want to plant some long-lived replacements:

Here we have: 2 maple silver/copper crosses, 2 liquidambars, 1 Japanese snowbell, 2 pink dogwood.  Also three sweet box. Planting them will take a week or three.  I have to wait for the weather to dry up just a bit, so I can get the tractor out.  Four of these trees are in five-gallon buckets, which makes them extremely heavy to move.  So the front-loader on the tractor will be useful, as will be my backhoe attachment, when it comes to digging an appropriately-sized hole.  The dogwoods and the snowbell, I can dig myself.  And, obviously, the smaller bushes.

Last year, I added three flowering crabapples in the vicinity of the chicken coop.  They’ve flowered this year, and the scent was wonderful!  Cannot wait for next year:

The pink dogwoods will go in the same area to add a bit of interest and color although–as dogwoods go–no scent.

I love life out here in the country.  I wish the contentment, satisfaction, and peace I feel with my own life on all those I love.  I am sure you know–even while some of you are struggling with acknowledging it–who you are.

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