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Meme: YYY, Delilah!

As reported in several places:

XX= Woman



In an effulgence of political correctness/cowardice, the Welsh Rugby Union  has announced that the Tom Jones hit song Delilah will no longer be played as part of its approved song list.  Because, you know, “misogyny.”

Thankfully, and as I had hoped, it’s foolish and pointless to bet against the Welsh fans, especially when it comes to song:  They belted it out anyway.

I’m old enough to remember the late Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert on the Mall in 2012.  Sir Tom Jones, and his rendition of Delilah was the clear highlight, amongst the detritus of elderly folk like (subsequently) convicted sex offender Rolf Harris, and problematic Sir Cliff Richard (who no longer seems able to carry a tune even in a bucket), and Dame Shirley Bassey who (no matter how much I loved her younger persona) was, by that time, turning into a parody of herself.  Robbie Williams?  No good, IMHO, even when times were good.  Elton John?  Hmm. Whitney Houston?  Where is she now?  Annie Lennox? No.  Just No.  Ditto, Ed Sheeran. Gary Barlow and Cheryl Cole?  Please. Wut?

A few: Alfie Boe, Katherine Jenkins, The Band of the Coldstream Guards: Totally worth watching.

But the clear winner?  Even–it seems–in the eyes of Harry, William, Kate and Sophie (and perhaps even Admiral Sir Tim Laurence) was 72-year old Sir Tom.  Did I mention, never (ever) bet against the Welsh?  And singing?

I’ve always thought it was an interesting song.  And that, perhaps, the choice of name was relevant.  Its pedigree, with music by Les Reed and lyrics by Barry Mason, is impeccable.

Much as I’ve never known a single child to have been damaged by the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale, and the part where they shove the old witch in the oven to burn to a crisp, I don’t believe I’ve ever known a person to have been driven to misogyny or mistreatment of women simply because they listened to, or joined in the chorus of, Delilah at some point in their lives.

If you have a different take on the matter, I’m all ears.

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