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Jordan Peterson On the Differences Between Men and Women, Not Quite in a Nutshell

I like Jordan Peterson.  I don’t agree with everything he says, but I think he’s generally on the side of the angels, and that the young men of the world would do far better to listen to and follow, Jordan Peterson than–say–Andrew Tate, especially when it comes to their understanding, and their treatment, of women.

Fortunately, many of them already do.

Herewith, a relatively short (8+) minutes, but developed, clip of JP responding to, and in the process demolishing, a sweetly progressive young thing at Oxford University a few years ago.  I like this segment because he also, in the process, demolishes the strident claims of the right wing nutjobs morons loons ideologues that Peterson believes that most women are crazy bullies, and also that he’s a believer in keeping women in their place. (Left-wingers call this his misogyny; right wingers call it his righteous proto-Christian Biblical thinking.)

But he’s much smarter, and more nuanced than either of them give him credit for.  (Apologies for ending a sentence, for the umpteenth time, with a preposition.) And personally, when it comes to the Bible, I think that Peterson would have agreed with me that the Proverbs 31 wife was quite a gal, and that he, or any husband, would have wanted her on his side.  I mean, really.  Who but a chronically childish and insecure man doesn’t want a wife who can tend to every aspect of the homestead when he’s off to war?  One who understands the books?  Who can manage the trade, organize the supply chain, deal with the merchants, manage the farm, put the household in order, and supervise the livestock, the butchery, the vineyard, and the fields? At the same time as she takes care of the family, the children, and the womanly work?

IMHO, such a man should, when he returns from war, kiss that wife’s feet.  Does that always happen?  No, it does not.

I find what JP has to say here quite charming.  And his last statement irrefutable.

For seekers of truth, here’s the full Oxford University address and QA period (about 1hr, 15 min):

It’s been quite a while (about 2 1/2 years) since my post, Jordan and Camille’s Excellent Adventure, in which I linked to an almost two-hour discussion between Peterson and that incomparable feminist lesbian broad, Camille Paglia.  Here’s the video.  (The post ain’t bad, either):


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