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January 15

Lord.  Here we are, halfway through January already.  And it’s still Christmas in my house, although I’ve started to take the decorations down.

Won’t be long until I’m regretting doing so.  Especially the tree.  Because, soon enough, it’ll be time to start all over again.  And if I’d just left everything up, I wouldn’t have to bother.

I guess I could get snippy about it.  But–all things considered–it seems to me a blessing that–every year–we can start all over again, and we’re not irretrievably bound up in the mistakes of the past.  Every year, the decorations are a bit different, and a bit “added to” and the memories are just as dear.

So, on balance, I’ll take it, and with it, the delights of each Christmas, and every other, season.

Here’s to parties, friendship and love.

Happy New Year.  Today, and every day.

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