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Sowing Seeds

Where there’s life, there’s hope, and need of vittles.–JRR Tolkien

The pathway to some of my favorite vittles became clearer today with the arrival of the first two seed catalogs of the year.

The temperature is in the single digits (supposed to go down to 2°F tonight), and the wind’s blowing like a Force-8 gale. The sheep are all fastened in the barn, and the dogs look at me with eyes like saucers if I dare to suggest they might want to go outside for a moment. The two “outdoor” cats are inside in their crate until it warms up a bit. The heating bill for the month is going to be outrageous. And the birds are eating us out of house and home at all their various feeders.

But I’m sitting here at the table dreaming of Pink Brandywines, Spring Color Beet Blends, San Marzanos, Sweet Basil and  Curly Parsley, (new!) Purplette Onions–oooh, pretty. Spring Greens, Jalapeño Gigante and (new!) Jungle Parrot–oooh, pretty. Sweet Peppers, and, oh, and so much more.

Can’t wait.

**On this equally frigid and blustery January 2022 afternoon, I remember this Ricochet post, originally published in December of 2017.

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