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Rice Bowl? Delicious Stuff!

mediterranean fried riceAt least, that’s what I’ve always thought, having made, over the years, many of these delicious recipes:

Easy Rice Bowl

Mango Avocado Rice Bowl

Chicken Rice Bowl

Citrus Shrimp Rice Bowl

Pork Meatball Rice Bowl

Not to mention many of the Southeast Asian Rice Bowl standards such as (Indonesian) Nasi Goreng or (Thai) Khai Jiao.

So imagine my surprise when I found out that “rice bowl,” in another context, and over the course of many previous decades, actually means something else:

From 2013;

From 2012:

and from all the way back in 2004 (language warning):

LOL.   All the above examples (there are plenty more, some of them even more disturbing, and even older) are from the invaluable Urban Dictionary.

Way to ruin a good meal. I’ll never look at rice the same way again!

A word to the wise:  Always (always) do a quick bit of research before jumping on the bandwagon and blurting out the term yourself, no matter how much you think you trust the wagonmaster, or how innocuous you believe the term to be. After all, when you are standing there looking like a fool, the only person who’ll be around to blame is yourself).  So watch your step.

And in the meantime–I say this as a person who enjoys good cooking and who doesn’t give a damn–enjoy your rice bowls!

sticky rice bowl

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