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Use Your Words–Please!

Prompted by a brief side conversation on a Ricochet post earlier this week from member BDB about his Microsoft Surface Pro in which BDB,  Henry Racette and I all deplored, in one fashion or another, the tendency to replace useful instructions and text with the sometimes baffling icons and graphics that–sometimes alone–comprise most “installation manuals,” and which decorate–in obnoxious and ugly ways and in addition to computer screens–things like tools, ladders, shopping carts, anything resembling a plastic bag, and anything with an electrical cord.

I guess this graphic (LOL) is making the rounds on FaceBook or whatever it’s called these days.  The pictures are those giving us the “washing instructions” that come with clothes, and they’re all supposed to be meaningful and obvious in their intent.  I submit that they’re not, and that–actually–the text associated with the pictures in this graphic is, in every instance, much more intuitive:

This made me think of Mum, who died a few years ago, but who–when she saw this road sign in the UK (indicating “roadworks ahead”) always used to remark, “Uh oh.  Better watch out for a man pushing an umbrella down the middle of the road”:

And this one, which took me months to figure out, when it appeared on the dashboard of my new car one day.  I know.  RTFM. I shouldn’t have to do that, though.  Not for something like this:

My sister eventually put me out of my misery when I said to her, “What the hell is this little picture which looks like an advisory telling a person with a bottom that’s too wide for the seat she’s sitting on that doing such a thing will be uncomfortable and isn’t recommended?”

“Oh, HaHa,” she said.  “That’s the tire pressure management system telling you that you need to inflate at least one of your tires.”

And so it is.

Have you had similar experience with these wretched things?  If so, what are your favorites?

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