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She Speaks!

Shameless self-promotion alert:

Several months ago, I was asked by a couple of Ricochet members if I’d like to appear on their weekly Land of Confusion show, in which they interview one or more other members via a Zoom chat, and then post the results on Ricochet.  Things have been a bit hectic for me over the past year, and I can’t do such things from my home because my satellite Internet connection leaves almost everything to be desired other than for the most basic of searches, browsing, and email, but we finally got things coordinated, and I appeared on May 26.

I’m flattered and honored that the post got enough “likes” to be promoted to the Ricochet main feed (in front of the member paywall), and I encourage you to go to Ricochet to view it, and the ensuing conversation, here.  Perhaps this will give you an idea of why I enjoy the site so much, and inspire a few of you to join.

I’m not flattered (in any sense of the word) by the dreadful thumbnail that appears in the YouTube preview.  I promise you that things do improve (although you’ll have to judge by how much) from there.  I’m vain enough to wish it were better, but not so vain I haven’t gotten over it.  As my dearly-departed mother used to say (without the bowdlerization), “eff ’em if they can’t take a joke.”

I’ve always loved a good joke, even one that comes at my own expense, so as usual, here I am, head up, eyes closed, mouth open, boldly going where I’ve never gone before and regardless (or irregardless as the case may be) of any well-meant advice to the contrary.  LOL:

And here’s a link to the channel with the rest of the podcasts.  Kudos to these two gentleman who’ve been doing this for over a year (I was #54), and who’ve kept Ricochet members in touch with each other at a very difficult time and when almost all in-person meetups had to be cancelled.

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