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Calling All Pasta Lovers, Everywhere!

pastaAnyone who’s worried about carbohydrates, please take a step back.

Three cheers for the “Pasta Grannies” YouTube channel, and for the old ladies who show us how it’s done. It’s a really good look for social isolation, and for nourishing, filling meals during a time of trouble.

As someone who’s had a manual “pasta” machine for years, as well as the KitchenAid mixer attachment for the same (OMG, the lasagne made according to their recipe is out of this world), I find this refreshing, original, and fun. I do recommend the purchase of good pasta flour (sometimes available on Amazon), and following the directions as given.

Note to self: A search for “pasta flour” on Amazon at the moment brings up many “currently unavailable” results. People. Go to war with the army you have. “All-purpose” and “bread” flour will do the job. Until you can do it properly and in the way your (perhaps imaginary) Italian grandmother would have ordered.

Go, Nonnas! Enjoy!

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