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Friday Food and Drink Post: Buy Local

This afternoon, I spent a delightful few hours at lunch in Washington PA with a friend from Ricochet and his wife.

I enjoy promoting our local Southwest PA products, and sending them all over the country, and even the world, whenever I have the opportunity, and today I brought one of my favorites to give to my friends–a small box of The Dangerous Stuff™ Almond Toffee. It’s a simply delicious confection, locally made, just down the road from me, consisting of a layer of buttery almond toffee (not so hard it cracks your teeth, just lovely and crunchy), smothered with milk chocolate and walnuts, then drizzled with white and dark chocolate. It tastes like yum! Seriously.

Here’s a short video showing Don and Laura Ross making up a batch.

What special foods or products do you like to showcase or feature when friends come to visit your neck of the woods?

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