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Musical Mondays–“This Must Be the Place”

A personal favorite: Sure Sure's cover of "This Must be the Place."  Originally recorded by the Talking Heads (who I also love) I particularly enjoy this breezy summery cover. My favorite lyrics? "Never for money, always for love," "Home is where I want to be, but I guess I'm already there," and "Out of all… Continue reading Musical Mondays–“This Must Be the Place”

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Hot Dish on Haiku

Serendipity! I've recently been re-reading Pattiann Rogers. Her poems are stuffed full of brilliant observations about the physical and metaphysical world. Penned by a gifted writer chock-a-block with scientific knowledge of the natural world, Rogers' work has  a distinct kinship to haiku. But haiku it is not. This set me to thinking about what distinguishes… Continue reading Hot Dish on Haiku