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At Last…A Practical Solution to a Troublesome ‘Gender Issue’

In “The Case for Filth,” Stephen Marche delves, in some depth, into sex/gender inequality as it relates to matters of housework.

Men, it seems, are just not stepping it up, taking it to the next level, raising the bar, or getting with the program. And they haven’t been for decades, if not time immemorial.

Marche’s conclusion:

At least one thing is becoming clear: The only possible solution to the housework discrepancy [between men and women] is for everyone to do a lot less of it.

Don’t bother.  Leave the stairs untidy.  Don’t fix the garden gate.  Fail to repaint the peeling ceiling.  Never make the bed.  A clean house is the sign of a wasted life, truly. Hope is messy: Eventually we’ll all be living in perfect egalitarian squalor.”

He backs up his conclusion with lots of facts, and plenty of detail.

It’s a complex theory, well-developed, and surprisingly scientific.


I completely agree with him.  Actually, I’ve been living my life this way for decades.  Just call me, RWKJ: Filthy (but Trendsetting) Hussif 

It is unfortunate that the discovery wasn’t made, and the article written, by a fellow woman (see what I did there).  That would have been perfection itself.

But this post isn’t about perfection.  It’s about “good enough,” “making do,” and “getting by.”

So I’ll take it.

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