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Happy Happiness Day!

I have long deplored the current unfortunate tendency to politicize the days, weeks, and months of the calendar to the point where it’s almost impossible to escape the continual onslaught of SJW causes thrust in our collective faces through cards, jingles, ads, sports events, and media coverage of one sort or another.

While many of us get frustrated with this phenomenon in the wider world, I assure you that when I worked in the healthcare industry, we had a different perspective. It seemed to us that every month was some sort of Horrible Disease Month:

Colon Cancer Month, when the lobby was decked out with enormous full-color posters of abnormal colons, and, detailed descriptions of polyps, disease stages (illustrated) and far, far too much information about exactly what happens during a colonoscopy. “Look! There’s the instrument they use to . . . umm . . . err . . .” 

Lung Cancer Month, with the entrance to the cafeteria almost blocked by a table with two two-gallon jars on it, one containing the lungs from a heavy smoker (ugh, dirty dark gray, hard, inflexible tissue, no wonder the poor guy could hardly breathe and coughed all the time), and the other containing the lungs of a non-smoker (lovely, pinkish, frilly and frondy and fluttering in the formaldehyde . . . so pretty and healthy). “Yum. Let’s see. What’s for lunch today?”

Breast Cancer Month, where . . . well, you get the idea. Probably no need to go on.

Today, though, we don’t have to contemplate any gruesome posters, charts, instruments, or body parts. We don’t have to fret about NFL Pink Tutu Month (that’s not till October). We don’t have to stew over whether our ribbon is the right color for the event, or if we’re microaggressing against one group or another by getting our intersectionalities mixed up and supporting the wrong cause at the wrong time of year.

Today, we don’t have to worry.  All we have to do is be happy.

Because, you see, the United Nations General Assembly (barf) has proclaimed March 20 as “International Happiness Day!”

So here’s exactly the right song to help put you in the exactly the right mood:

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