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Loretta Lynn, R.I.P.

Loretta Lynn has died at the age of 90.

Some who know me might find my love of American country music a bit odd.  Mr. Right never did.  He understood that it hearkened back to centuries ago, to the traditions of English, Scottish, Welsh, and Irish ballads, and to the stories those songs told, stories and songs of love, heartbreak, poverty, struggle, and overcoming.** (Because, really, what else is there of any value in life?)

Such things never grow old.  And they’re never out-of-date. Regardless, or irregardless as the case may be, Loretta, big hair, over-the-top costumes and all, somehow never managed to be out of date.  That shattering voice, telling with compelling honesty of lived experiences most of us could not even imagine in this twentieth century, in the most advanced nation in the world, was–and remains–a cautionary tale.  If only we can heed it.

Lord, she ruffled some feathers:

At the age of 89, she released her last recording in 2021.  Here’s a cut:

Rest in peace, dear lady.  You’ve earned it.

**Movie recommendation: Songcatcher.  And, if you’re a reader, please start with Wikipedia’s entry on the Child Ballads.

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