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There’s A Reason It’s Pronounced “Maudlin”

Telegraph breaking news: Queen becomes latest victim of cancel culture as portrait is removed from Oxford college.

The Queen has become the latest victim of cancel culture after students at an Oxford College voted to remove her portrait.

The Queen’s likeness hung in the middle common room (MCR) of Magdalen College, which has a long association with members of the Royal family.

MCR president Matthew Katzman told The Telegraph: “It has been taken down. It was decided [emphasis mine, and note: typical passive-(voice)-aggressive] to leave the common room neutral. That was what this was about.”

“The college will have plenty of depictions of various things, but the common room is meant to be a space for all to feel welcome.”  [LOL. Unless you’re a fan of the Queen, apparently.]

The vote was called in the interest of domestic and international students who might object to the imagery.

Hello.  Several of my relatives are British taxpayers who contribute to the foolishness that embodies 21st-century Oxford University.  Where do they go to get their money***  back?

Magdalen has indicated it will not intervene to reverse the decision, despite the long association between the British taxpayer royalty and the college, which the Queen herself visited in 1948 to receive an Honorary Degree from Oxford University, and again in 2008 to mark its 550th anniversary.

Sir John Hayes, chairman of the Common Sense Group of Conservative MPs, said: “The sad thing is that you would think that the people of Magdalen College Oxford are reasonably bright, and this decision would suggest that they are not.

Of course they’re not.  As Mr. Right was fond of saying, “they’re students.  They don’t know very much, and they’re here to learn.  It’s our job to educate them, not to celebrate the immature and childish ideas they brought with them.”


How maudlin.  Not to say, moronic.  Or, even, dare I say,  idiotic.

***Millions and billions of British pounds.  At what point should those taxpayers expect a grateful note of appreciation from those whose paths, from all parts of the world, they’ve greased in the furtherance of an academic degree from one of the most prestigious universities in the world?  (Pro Tip:  British taxpayers; don’t hold your breath.)

3 thoughts on “There’s A Reason It’s Pronounced “Maudlin”

  1. Bloody Ridiculous! And if foreign students (or anyone else) come to the UK and object to ‘the imagery’ of our Queen, they can Foxtrot Oscar back to wherever they came from. However, I doubt very much that any foreign students object; it’s the bleeding hearts and political do-gooders who just think they might!. ‘Orf with their heads’, and I hope they gag every time they lick a stamp (the imagery of Lilibet is on every one!).

  2. Apologies, I was so incensed by this story I forgot to say how insightful Mr Right was when he said “they’re students. They don’t know very much, and they’re here to learn. It’s our job to educate them, not to celebrate the immature and childish ideas they brought with them.”

    Probably far more pertinent now than when he last said it!

    It’s time for the tail to stop wagging the dog.

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