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Farm Haiku

Haiku #1

Better not to try
Painting things that matter much
When lambs are around.

Haiku are delightful little snippets of poetry in a form that originated in Japan, and which follow rules too numerous to deconstruct here, other than to mention that they often express complex thoughts in simple language and often with natural or seasonal references.

The English form of the haikuas it’s described in Wikipedia, and in more scholastic detail here, also draws on concisely worded thoughts and refers to nature, in a three-line poem with a 5-7-5 syllabic structure.

I make no claim to following the rules exactly, but I’ve done my best to focus on nature, to express my thoughts concisely, to (perhaps) express a meaningful truth in a simple way, to avoid metaphor and simile, and not to rhyme.

Oh, and (unusually for me) to be brief about it.

Haiku #2

It is hard to find
Large white dogs who hide themselves
In a field of snow.

Do you haiku?

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