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A hearty Korean stew loaded with kimchi, pork belly, and tofu.

I love hot and spicy food.

Although I’ve never entered a formal competition, I think I could probably win prizes eating it, and I’m always pleased to find new restaurants and new dishes to tempt, and test, my palette.

Enter The Golden Pig, a small Korean restaurant, in Cecil Township, PA.

Only if you live in the Pittsburgh area would you know how anomalous it is to find a restaurant like this in the area where it’s at (to put things in the proper context of the local vernacular).

It’s a popular spot, and if you’re tempted and close, you should understand that in these days of COVID, Yong Kwon only does takeout.  Her menu is here on Facebook and her hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 11AM-7PM, please call ahead.

A few years ago, Mr. Right visited the Golden Pig for the first time to meet a former colleague.  He came home with a treat for me, something I hadn’t tried before—Kimchi Soup.

It was stupendous. And really hot.

Subsequently, I tried this recipe, and found it to be just about as good as the original. (Hint: if you like ‘hot and spicy,’ but are not sure how far you want to go, I’d suggest tasting before adding the chili flakes (step 4), and add them in increments of a teaspoon at a time. The only modification I made to the recipe was to add an additional ½ cup of water, to make it a little more ‘brothy.’)

I’ll certainly be making this again, although probably not all that often, as I’m the only person in my immediate family who eats things like this, so I have to work my way through it all myself before moving on to try the next thing.

I’m curious.

Do you like hot and/or spicy, and if so, what’s your favorite?

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